Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Reports and Thanksgiving Break!

Dear Parents and Students,
Tomorrow we will be starting our book reports!
Last week I sent home a list of ideas for book reports and I have to say I am most excited about the ideas that several of the students have shared with me about what they plan to do for their reports. Because there are varying lengths to the chosen books, I am leaving the due date at November 30th but please know that we can actually do the book reports anytime between now and then. Email or call me with any questions.

On another note, Thanksgiving break will be from November 21-25. I plan on giving minimal assignments during the break as I feel so strongly about holidays being times where families can go and relax and enjoy one another and some fun activities. I would appreciate it though if you would make certain that your children read during this time and then of course, record it on their reading calendars.

We do have a book order due on the 20th. I sent them home today and there looks like some good deals on holiday books and possibly some good ideas for Christmas presents. Scholastic is offering a $5.00 reward certificate useable with the January order for each online order submitted by parents. The online code is GN73W and you can order the books at . The books ordered online are shipped along with my regular classroom order so there is no shipping costs. Please look into that!

Well, the year is moving right along and thus far I have been very pleased with the way the students are learning and improving. Keep up the reading and math help in the evenings and please call or email if you have any questions or concerns!  Thanks for all that you do!
Until Next Time,
Mr. Garfield

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