Monday, September 10, 2012

Spelling Lists and Other Stuff!
Hey parents, I handed out new spelling lists today. Our spelling tests are on Friday. You will notice some bigger and actually pretty difficult words on the list. These words are some of the most difficult the students will have all year and yes, students in the past have been able to easily learn these words in the week they study them. Keep in mind, the students have seen and written these words already this school year so they are familiar.
We are struggling a bit in class with students bringing toys and and other distractions that are not appropriate to bring to school. We do not have show and tell in 4th grade but do occasionally allow students to bring science items, i.e. rock collections to share with the class. Please check your students backpacks in the morning if you suspect they may be bringing toys or electronics that may take away from learning. This will help a lot in the way our class runs.
So far I have been very impressed with the reading and other homework happening each day. Keep it up as this makes such a difference in the success of your child's education! 
Thanks for all you do!
Mr. G

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